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A function- and embodiment-based failure analysis method for an in-depth understanding of failure mechanisms

Gladysz, Bartosz; Spandl, Lukas; Albers, Albert // 2017
Research studies have shown that there is an industry demand for improved failure analysis as well as failure documentation and this could be accomplished by model-based failure analysis methods. ...

A geometric approach to tolerance analysis: Contribution to the robust design of flexible assemblies

Schluer, Christoph; Gust, Peter; Mersch, Frank; Diepschlag, Falko; Sersch, Alina // 2017
Tolerance analysis is an important element for virtual product development. It makes it possible to record the effects of permissible deviations for the complex assemblies. The component deviations ...

A method for systematic elaboration of research phenomena in design research

Horvath, Imre // 2017
The mission of design research is to discover and investigate not or partially known phenomena, and to formulate statements concerning their manifestations and relationships with other phenomena. ...

A method for the tolerance analysis of bearing seats for cylindrical roller bearings in respect to operating clearance and fatigue life

Aschenbrenner, Alexander; Wartzack, Sandro // 2017
Roller bearings are used in a vast variety of mechanical applications and are often highly stressed machine elements. Therefore the fatigue life of roller bearings can determine the reliability and ...

A new method for designing porous implant

Yang, Huiyuan; Zhao, Yaoyao // 2017
Porous interconnected structure has been widely used in designing bone implant as it provides a three-dimensional space for cell ingrowth and nutrients transportation. Current modeling techniques ...

A semi-formal approach to structure and access knowledge for multi-material-design

Kleemann, Sebastian; Inkermann, David; Bader, Benjamin; Türck, Eiko; Vietor, Thomas // 2017
In recent years multi-material-design has been of broad interest. There has been a great deal of literature on how multi-material-design has support realisation of lighter, cheaper products with ...

Additive repair design approach: Case study to repair aluminium base components

Zghair, Yousif Amsad; Lachmayer, Roland // 2017
Additive manufacturing is considered one of the modest manufacturing techniques. Using this technique in components repair is the state of the art in the industry of maintenance. This paper ...


VOß, Markus; BOZKURT, Hulusi; SAUER, Thorsten // 2017
Competence-based education concentrates on learning outcomes instead of meticulously prescribing what to learn. A major problem for many lecturers and programme directors today is the lack of ...

An approach for holistic model-based engineering of industrial plants

Hooshmand, Yousef; Adamenko, Dmytro; Kunnen, Steffen; Köhler, Peter // 2017
Systems Engineering has been proven to be an effective approach to cope with the increasing complexity of systems, consisting of mechanical, electrical, electronic and software components. However, ...

Applying robust design methodology to a quadrotor drone

Coulombe, Charles; Gamache, Jean-Francois; Mohebbi, Abolfazl; Chouinard, Ugo; Achiche, Sofiane // 2017
Optimization of mechatronics system often rely on optimization of the controller, while treating the structural part of the system as a fixed constraint. The research work presented in this paper has ...

Biofidelic design of the forearm of a myoelectric prosthesis with maximum functional volume

Ramananarivo, Mathieu; Raison, Maxime; Barron, Olivier; Achiche, Sofiane // 2017
The congenital or traumatic amputation of upper limbs leads to strong mobility and socio-psychological disabilities. The amputees can choose between three types of prostheses: cosmetic, body-powered ...

Bridging the semantic gap in customer needs elicitation: a machine learning perspective

Wang, Yue; Zhang, Jian // 2017
The elicitation of customer needs (CNs) is a critical step in product development. However, these needs are often expressed in ambiguous, simple language and not in the form of well-defined ...

Building a computational laboratory for the study of team behaviour in product development

Perišić, Marija Majda; Štorga, Mario; Gero, John // 2017
As the result of the first phase of building a computational laboratory which is aimed to enable detail study of the emergent team properties and team behaviour in product development, this paper ...

Change in peer efficacy of senior design students during a design project: a case study

Patel, Apurva; O'Shields, Steven; Chickarello, Doug; Summers, Joshua; Turner, Cameron // 2017
Engineering students gain knowledge regarding mechanics, thermodynamics, and other topics throughout their undergraduate curriculums. However, often their instruction regarding design is not ...

Climbing C-trees: Analysing Concept-tree content and construction

Blanco, Eric; Le Dain, Marie-Anne; Lavayssiere, Pierre; Chevrier, Pierre // 2017
The aim of the paper is to analyze the rationale of production of C-trees used in innovative design workshop implementing C/K theory. Data had been produced within industrial creative workshops in ...


Neuberg, Anita; Digranes, Ingvild // 2017
This paper is based on a master’s thesis that will be completed in the spring of 2017. Through critical realism, we will analyse the attitudes and priorities in design education in Norwegian primary ...

Cyber-physical effects on the virtual commissioning architecture

Illmer, Benjamin; Kaspar, Jerome; Vielhaber, Michael // 2017
In order to satisfy the growing customization desire and, thus, effecting an increasing product variability, future manufacturing systems have to be harmonized with new technologies such as ...

Decentralized handling of conflicts in multi-brand engineering change management

Hesselmann, Carsten; Kehl, Stefan; Stiefel, Patrick; Müller, Jörg // 2017
Changes on components that are commonly used in different products in multi-brand product development, cause various types of conflicts. This paper considers conflicts of interest among individuals ...

Definition and support of differentiation and integration in mechanical structure using S-curve theory and wavelet transform

Ishii, Takahiro; Parque, Victor; Miura, Satoshi; Miyashita, Tomoyuki // 2017
The differentiation and the integration of products are the essential procedures for product innovation. To understand the product innovation, the approaches using S-curve theory, which explain the ...

Der Einfluss der Sortierung auf das statistische Verhalten von Funktionsmaßen  (Members only )

Alexander, Aschenbrenner; Benjamin, Schleich; Sandro Wartzack // 2017
In an automated assembly process, the exchangeability of the compo-nents is a necessity. This could imply harsh requirements concerning the ge-ometric definition and tolerancing of components. The ...

Design analytics is the answer, but what questions would product developers like to have answered?

Arnarsson, Ívar Örn; Gustavsson, Emil; Malmqvist, Johan; Jirstrand, Mats // 2017
There is a growing need for data expertise and data analysis. Companies are looking more towards analytics for improvement opportunities within the business and products. Data collection is growing ...

Design for Control

Stetter, Ralf; Simundsson, Avery // 2017
Currently, a large series of helpful guidelines for the design of products in the more concrete stages of design and product development were generated and published under the notion design for X, ...

Design for robustness - Systematic application of design guidelines to control uncertainty

Freund, Tillmann; Würtenberger, Jan; Lotz, Julian; Rommel, Carmen; Kirchner, Eckhard // 2017
In Robust Design literature, the application of Robust Design guidelines is suggested as a measure to obtain a design that is more insensitive against variations. But it lacks a detailed and ...

Design guidelines for shoulder design of an anthropomorphic robotic arm

Leroux, Martin; Achiche, Sofiane; Beaini, Dominique; Raison, Maxime // 2017
The development of biomechanically-accurate robotic arms is of high interest; in this paper we investigate an actuated spherical mechanism for biofidelic shoulder design. Given the high inertia of an ...

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