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Whitfield, Robert Ian; Duffy, Alex; Grierson, Hilary // 2019
The department of Design Manufacture and Engineering Management (DMEM) at the University of Strathclyde developed the concept of “Delivering Total Engineering” to capture the essence of the teaching, ...


Gutierrez-Aristizabal, Juliana; Ruiz-Arenas, Santiago // 2019
Collaborative projects integrating companies and universities have been traditionally conducted between entities from interrelated industrial sectors. Nevertheless, theory about innovation states ...

Designing for better healthcare: A systemic approach utilising behavioural theory, technology and an understanding of healthcare delivery systems

Nicholas W Ciccone, Francois Patou, and Anja M Maier // 2019
An ageing population leading to more chronic disease is straining healthcare systems. This paper makes two core contributions to healthcare systems design research: Firstly, a systemic ...

Development of a Product Platform for Ship Locks Using DSM Methods

Knippenberg, S.C.M. (1); Etman, L.F.P. (1); Rooda, J.E. (1); Houwing, E.J. (2); Vogel, J.A. (2) // 2019
During the coming decades, a significant number of ship locks in the Netherlands is due for replacement or renovation. In this respect, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), the executive branch of the Dutch ...

Distinction of Domain-Specific and Cross-Domain Linkage Types for Engineering Change Management

Wilms, Robert (1,2); Inkermann, David (1); Cemmasson, Vadym Finn (1); Reik, Michael (2); Vietor, Thomas (1) // 2019
Engineering Changes (ECs) are substantial elements of the design process of technical products and are in particular relevant for companies due to enormous additional costs and time delays they can ...

Does Open Source Hardware Have A Sustainable Business Model? An Analysis of Value Creation And Capture Mechanisms in Open Source Hardware Companies

Li, Zhuoxuan; Seering, Warren // 2019
Analyzing value creation and capture mechanisms of open source hardware startup companies, this paper illustrates how an open source strategy can make economical sense for hardware startups. By ...

Durchgängige Variantensteuerung mit Hilfe der regelbasierten Komplexstückliste

Christian Frischen; Anastasia Marbach; Florian Tichla; Frank Mantwill // 2019
The way of documentation differs between different phases of the pro-duct development process in the automotive industry. Therefore a consistent controlling of variants is difficult. This paper ...


Coutts, Euan (1,2); Marshall, Pamela (2) // 2019
Supervision of student work is a core component of any academic’s role. Holding meetings for this purpose can quickly occupy a large percentage of an academic’s diary and yet both academics and ...

Empowering decision makers to avoid the oversizing of building service systems

Jones, Darren Anthony; Eckert, Claudia Margot // 2019
Oversizing of building service systems has a direct impact on building efficiency and operational costs. The research of this paper highlights several major contributors to the issue of oversizing. A ...

Engineers' and biologists' roles during biomimetic design processes, towards a methodological symbiosis

Graeff, Eliot; Maranzana, Nicolas; Aoussat, Am // 2019
The strength of biomimetics comes from its ability to draw from life mechanisms and strategies to design innovative solutions. In spite of recent methodological progresses, more specifically on tools ...

Experimental Evaluation of a Debiasing Method for Analysis in Engineering Design

Nelius, Thomas; Matthiesen, Sven // 2019
During analysis in engineering design, systematic thinking errors - so-called cognitive biases - can lead to inaccurate understanding of the design problem. With a simplified version of the Analysis ...

Exploring the role of linguistic abstraction in idea-generation sessions

Antoniou, Rafaella; Dekoninck, Elies; Bonvoisin, J // 2019
For many years, both academia and industry have been interested in increasing the efficiency of idea-generation meetings. Alex Osborne's (1953) rules for brainstorming are an early attempt to do so, ...

Functional Trade-offs in the Mechanical Design of Integrated Products - Impact on Robustness and Optimisability

Sigurdarson, N // 2019
It is generally accepted in industry and academia that trade-offs between functional design objectives are an inevitable factor in the development of mechanical systems. These trade-offs can have a ...

Future-oriented PGE-Product Generation Engineering: An Attempt to Increase the Future User Acceptance Through Foresight in Product Engineering Using the Example of the iPhone User Interface

Marthaler, Florian (1); Stahl, Sven (1); Siebe, Andreas (2); Bursac, Nikola (3); Spadinger, Markus (1); Albers, Albert (1) // 2019
During the process of product engineering, decisions with uncertain consequences have to be made about future development (Albers et al., 2017a). Customer, user and vendor requirements that are ...


Leung, Winnie (1); Wang, Yun (2); Kim, Seong-Woo (3) // 2019
Over three years 2016-2019, three top universities in Asia have joint hands in offering a truly collaborative course ~ Global Product Development. Leveraging modern teaching tools to overcome ...

Implementation of parameterized work piece deviations and measurement uncertainties into performant meta-models for an improved tolerance specification

Mller, Andreas Michael (1); Oberleiter, Thomas (2); Willner, Kai (2); Hausotte, Tino (1) // 2019
Geometrical work piece deviations are unavoidable and directly affect the function and quality of

technological products. Tolerance management is regarded as a crucial subtask of the development ...


Buck, Lyndon; Harlow, Richard // 2019
At a 2018 community workshop for the EU Horizon 2020 WATERSPOUTT project in Chikwawa, Malawi, villagers discussed water collection from the Shire river. WATERSPOUTT aims to provide safe drinking ...

Influence of gas-filled gaps on the thermal behaviour of Dual Purpose Casks

Dinkel, Christian (1); Billenstein, Daniel (1); Rieg, Frank (1); Roith, Bernd (2) // 2019
Basically, the safe dissipation of heat is among others an important protection objective of dual purpose casks. Gas-filled gaps within such casks can play a major role for the thermal behavior as ...

innovative design in factory - new methods to go from closed to expandable prescriptions at the shop floor level

Harl // 2019
This paper explores the question of the design activity at the shop floor level. The design activity has been confined for a large part in the design and the methods office. However, a certain form ...

Integrating The Mechanical Domain Into Seed Approach

Dworschak, Fabian; K // 2019
Data-driven technologies have found their way into all areas of engineering. In product development they can accelerate the customization to individualized requirements. Therefore, they need a ...


Lindsten, Hanna Hellin; Auvinen, Petra Johanna; Juuti, Tero Sakari // 2019
rs do not develop curriculum independently of other stakeholders. Instead, the development activity is seen here as a joint effort of both internal and external stakeholders having a common goal of ...

Matrix-Based Multivariate Analysis of Survey Data on Potentials for the Collaboration of Design and Simulation

Schweigert-Recksiek, Sebastian; Koch, Christian; Lindemann, Udo // 2019
Companies are increasingly forced to assert themselves in the market through efficient product development. Since use and potential of mechanical simulations have greatly increased in recent years, ...

Medical device design practitioner strategies for prototype-centered front-end design stakeholder engagements in low-resource settings

Coulentianos, Marianna J.; Rodriguez-Calero, Ilka; Daly, Shanna R.; Burridge, Jocelyn; Sienko, Kathleen H. // 2019
Prototypes have the potential to provoke discussion and to encourage stakeholders to play an active role during design engagements in the front-end phases of a design process. However, detailed ...

Method Toolbox for the multidisciplinary planning and development of adaptive buildings

Honold, Clemens; Leistner, Sophia; Roth, Daniel; Binz, Hansgeorg; Sobek, Werner // 2019
Adaptive buildings constitute an interdisciplinary approach for realizing the next generation of buildings in order to reduce the immense material requirements and energy demand throughout all ...

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