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Utilizing the embodiment function relation and tolerance model for robust concept design

Li, Jiahang (1);Horber, Dennis (2);Keller, Christoph (1);Grauberger, Patric (1);Goetz, Stefan (2);Wartzack, Sandro (2);Matthiesen, Sven (1) // 2023
The early use of Robust Design (RD) supports the development of product concepts with low sensitivity to variation, which offers advantages for reducing the risk of costly iterations. Due to the lack ...

Will Model-Based Definition accelerate the inspection phase in the manufacturing process?

Uski, Pekka (1); Nieminen, Joni (2); Ellman, Asko (3) // 2023
Model-Based Definition provides several benefits for communicating between engineering and other downstream stakeholders. Particularly, semantic PMI information included in 3D models benefits both ...


Patino Santa, Luis Fernando; Isaza Saldarriaga, Juan Felipe // 2023
The learning space in the 21st century, cannot be limited to a closed enviroment within a classroom. It is important to push the limits of both, creativity and innovation on the mind of the ...

A model-based approach for early robustness evaluation – Combination of Contact and Channel Approach with tolerance graphs in SysML

Dennis Horber (1), Jiahang Li (2), Patric Grauberger (2), Benjamin Schleich (1), Sven Matthiesen (2), Sandro Wartzack (1) // 2022
Considering variations is essential for the development of robust products, but the applicability of existing robust design approaches in early stages is challenging due to the lack of product ...

A New Projection Based Method for the Classification of Mechanical Components Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Sebastian Bickel, Benjamin Schleich, Sandro Wartzack // 2022
Digital engineering is increasingly established in the industrial routine. Especially the application of machine learning on geometry data is a growing research issue. Driven by this, the paper ...

A Procedure Model for the Systematic Sensor Selection and Integration into Technical Systems

Maximilian Hausmann, Luca H // 2022
New sensor solutions are under development in the context of digitalization in order to integrate sensory functions into systems. When integrating sensors, the three domains of mechanical, electrical ...

A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Predicting Human Design Actions Using a Data-Driven Reward Formulation

Molla Hafizur Rahman (1), Alparslan Emrah Bayrak (2), Zhenghui Sha (3) // 2022
In this paper, we develop a design agent based on reinforcement learning to mimic human design behaviours. A data-driven reward mechanism based on the Markov chain model is introduced so that it can ...

An Approach to Transfer Biological Solutions Based on the Interaction of Mechanisms to Technical Products

Marcel Bartz (1), Eike Uttich (2), Kristina Wanieck (3), Beate Bender (2), Sandro Wartzack (1) // 2022
Biological solutions are often used for developing technically innovative products in a biomimetic process. However, biological solutions do not always make it into a successful technical product, ...

Combined environments - challenges and potentials in the realistic component testing

Philipp Hüttich, Stefan Panek, Dieter Krause // 2022
Structural components can be exposed to extreme environmental conditions during operation over their service life. For this reason, they have to pass corresponding tests during development and ...

Comparing EEG Brain Power of Mechanical Engineers in 3D CAD Modelling from 2D and 3D Representations

Fanika Lukačević (1,2), Shumin Li (2), Niccolò Becattini (2), Stanko Škec (1) // 2022
Using the EEG features extracted from the EEG signals, the presented study investigates differences in the cognitive load posed on engineers while 3D CAD modelling in two different conditions, ...

Compounding Composites from Raw Materials with Extrusion Directly on 3D Printer

Oscar Rundbäck Martinsson, Axel Nordin, Jože Tavčar // 2022
The materials most commonly used in 3D-printers are in a filament form. This is a barrier for users who want to have new types of filaments with different material compositions. A 3D-printer which ...

Deformation Taxonomy of Additively Manufactured Lattice Structures

Alan Air (1,2), Andrew Wodehouse (1) // 2022
Additive manufacturing offers opportunities for designed mechanical deformation within parts by integrating lattice structures into their designs. This work re-analyses and translates data on lattice ...

Density-Based Topology Optimization for a Defined External State of Stress in Individualized Endoprosthesis

Patrik M // 2022
Endoprosthesis are exposed to the risk of aseptic loosening. The design of the prosthesis shaft to achieve physiological force application is therefore of great importance. Additive manufacturing ...

Design of an Intrinsically Motivating AR Experience for Environmental Awareness

Sara Porro, Elena Spadoni, Monica Bordegoni, Marina Carulli // 2022
Augmented Reality seems a promising tool to provide engaging and effective educational experiences, thanks to its potentiality in stimulating intrinsic motivation, that could influence the learning ...

Designing Human Digital Twins for Behaviour-Changing Therapy and Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review

Martin Wolfgang Lauer-Schmaltz (1), Philip Cash (1), John Paulin Hansen (1), Anja Maier (1,2) // 2022
One of the most promising trends in healthcare digitalisation is the personalisation and individualisation of therapy based on virtual representations of the human body through Human Digital Twins ...

Engineering idea generation framework for the digital era

Vepsäläinen, Jari // 2022
Engineering design processes provide structure for problem-solving but do not aim for novelty but rather explore than expand the known design space. An idea generation framework is proposed which ...

Evaluation of the Impact of Collaborative Research on Robust Design Methodologies: A Large Scale Empirical Case Study with an Automotive OEM

Felician Campean (1), Amad Uddin (1,2), Jonathan Bridges (1), Steven Fannon (1), Unal Yildirim (1,3) // 2022
The evaluation of impact of collaborative research on robust design methodologies and methods is important to both academic and industry stakeholders. This paper introduces a framework for impact ...

Function Integration through Design for Hybrid Integrating Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Kay-Eric Werner Heinz Steffan, Michel Fett, Eckhard Kirchner // 2022
Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies enable the design of new products due to their potentials. The potential of function integration can be extended through a combination of AM with a component ...

Handling the Complexity of Tool Selection Processes – Simulation Data Management in the Automotive Supplier Industry

Schweigert-Recksiek, Sebastian (1); Riener, Harald (2); Koch, Paul (1); Meier, Dirk (1); Daners, Andre (3); Krastel, Marcus (1) // 2022
Both the number and the complexity of numerical mechanical simulations are constantly increasing. This leads to increasing quantities and higher interconnectedness of the resulting data objects. In ...

Material selection for extreme thermo-mechanical loads using design space projection: A concept study for an ultra-high power X-Ray source

Ravichandran, Mahadevan; Winter, Johanna; Bartzsch, Stefan; Zimmermann, Markus // 2022
Material selection in the concept design phase may be challenging due to circular dependencies. Commonly used methods like ...

Modular Parametric Architecture Design for Ferry Bilge Systems

Herremans, B. R. (1); Wilschut, T. (2); Deul, M. (3); Vink, B. (3); Brouwer, R. (3) // 2022
Damen shipyards has set out to develop a modular parametric ferry architecture to enable their nautical engineers to transition from the current implicit Configure-to-Order (CtO) design and ...

Patent-KG: Patent Knowledge Graph Extraction for Engineering Design

Haoyu Zuo, Yuan Yin, Peter Childs // 2022
This paper builds a patent-based knowledge graph, patent-KG, to represent the knowledge facts in patents for engineering design. The arising patent-KG approach proposes a new unsupervised mechanism ...

Procedure to Create an Automated Design Environment for Functional Assemblies

Altun Osman, Yinanc Kutay, Iryna Mozgova, Roland Lachmayer // 2022
Manually exploring the solution space for different variants of a product for a given set of requirements is ineffective regarding product development time and adaptation to dynamic customer ...

Proto-Arch: Guidance Tool for Prototyping of Mechanical Systems at the Embodiment Design Phase

Felipe Guti // 2022
Prototypes are a critical aid in the product development process, allowing designers translate concepts to reality. However, the execution of prototypes depends heavily on the designer experience, ...

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