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Quality Improvement in the Design of Mechanical Systems

Fargnoli, M.; Pighini, U. // 2002
Quality in product development moved gradually from the end of a product’s development process to its beginning, thus involving quickly and totally all its phases and pointed out the great liability ...

Synthesis and Analysis Steps According Product Precision in Early and Later Development Stages

Koch, M.; Hochmuth, R.; Meerkamm, H. // 2002
The Precision of Technical Systems can be divided into the term Accuracy in early stages and Tolerances in later stages of design. In the early design stage, the requirements acc. the precision of ...

The Artificial Intelligence Application to the Analysis of the Constructive and Working Parameters of Plane Mechanism

Sprecic, Denijal; Muftic, Osman; Janežic, Igor; Mujic, Elvedin // 2002
A computer based analysis method of a plane lever mechanism is described in this paper. Software, based upon conventional methods of analysing plane lever mechanisms, is developed for a concrete ...

The Evaluation of Costs Related to Safety of Mechanical Systems in Design Stages

Fargnoli, M.; Pighini, U. // 2002
Cost is a factor having a great influence on the properties of any Mechanical System, limiting in a significant way designers’ and manufacturers’ choices, who are always limited in their choices. It ...

The Impact of CAD Technologies on Engineer's Education

Galeta, T.; Kljajin, M.; Majdandžic, N. // 2002
Main goal in an education of mechanical engineer is to deliver ready master to enterprises, prepared to deal with increased use of computer technologies. One of very basic technology that engineer ...

Tolerance Design of the Journal-Bearing Kinematic Joint. Numerical Analysis of the Effect of the Shape Variations on the Performances

Di Gironimo, G.; Lanzotti, A.; Patalano, S.; Russo, R. // 2002
In this work the authors deal with the problem regarding tolerance design of the journal – bearing kinematic joint, in which hydrodynamic lubrication conditions are realised. In particular, they ...

Upgrading a CAD System with Expert System

Kaiba, P.; Prebil, I.; Novak, A. // 2002
The article describes an expert system which is fully adapted to computer aided development of products in mechanical engineering and is based upon feature technology. It supplements the features of ...

Vehicle Dynamics Simulation, Part 1: Mathematical Model

Ciglarič, Iztok; Prebil, Ivan // 2002
The field of computational dynamic is surveyed, focusing on issues relevant to develop complex and numerical efficient mathematical models. Considering the topic of mathematical model, today various ...

Virtual Prototyping Simulation for the Design of Two-Wheeled Vehicles

Barone, S.; Curcio, A.; Pierucci, F. // 2002
In this paper, a CAD system and a multi-body kernel have been integrated using a neutral top-down design environment. In particular, a parametric 3D functional scheme is developed as entry-level ...


Blackenfelt, Michael; Andersson, S6ren // 1998
This is a study of a leg-based mobile robot prototype which has been designed based on the specified requirements for both variant leg and variant foot principles. Modular design was emphasised from ...


Pels, Henk Jan // 1997
The market requires increasing product variety and flexibility: the ability for fast response to new customer needs. There are several ways to realise this:
• concurrent engineering: short product ...

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