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Definition and support of differentiation and integration in mechanical structure using S-curve theory and wavelet transform

Ishii, Takahiro; Parque, Victor; Miura, Satoshi; Miyashita, Tomoyuki // 2017
The differentiation and the integration of products are the essential procedures for product innovation. To understand the product innovation, the approaches using S-curve theory, which explain the ...

Der Einfluss der Sortierung auf das statistische Verhalten von Funktionsmaßen  (Members only )

Alexander, Aschenbrenner; Benjamin, Schleich; Sandro Wartzack // 2017
In an automated assembly process, the exchangeability of the compo-nents is a necessity. This could imply harsh requirements concerning the ge-ometric definition and tolerancing of components. The ...

Design analytics is the answer, but what questions would product developers like to have answered?

Arnarsson, Ívar Örn; Gustavsson, Emil; Malmqvist, Johan; Jirstrand, Mats // 2017
There is a growing need for data expertise and data analysis. Companies are looking more towards analytics for improvement opportunities within the business and products. Data collection is growing ...

Design for Control

Stetter, Ralf; Simundsson, Avery // 2017
Currently, a large series of helpful guidelines for the design of products in the more concrete stages of design and product development were generated and published under the notion design for X, ...

Design for robustness - Systematic application of design guidelines to control uncertainty

Freund, Tillmann; Würtenberger, Jan; Lotz, Julian; Rommel, Carmen; Kirchner, Eckhard // 2017
In Robust Design literature, the application of Robust Design guidelines is suggested as a measure to obtain a design that is more insensitive against variations. But it lacks a detailed and ...

Design guidelines for shoulder design of an anthropomorphic robotic arm

Leroux, Martin; Achiche, Sofiane; Beaini, Dominique; Raison, Maxime // 2017
The development of biomechanically-accurate robotic arms is of high interest; in this paper we investigate an actuated spherical mechanism for biofidelic shoulder design. Given the high inertia of an ...

Design of human-powered hybrid electric-power shovel for deep excavation

Matsuura, Naoki; Hatano, Yuji; Iizuka, Teppei; Fujisawa, Tatsuro; Wesugi, Shigeru // 2017
There are still a lot of high-load physical works which can’t be substituted by machine, such as clearing snow, removing sediment under floor and volcanic ashes, where a large-sized machine cannot be ...

Design procedures in the development of an electromagnetic manipulator

Al Mashagbeh, Mohammad; Al-Dulaimi, Thamir; Khamesee, Mir Behrad // 2017
This paper addresses the conceptual design of and optimal dimensions for building a portable 3-DOF (Degree of Freedom) electromagnetic finger manipulator that can be used for many industrial ...


Watty, Robert // 2017
Professional engineers do not only require technical knowledge but also the ability to apply it successfully to design problems in the “real world”. Thus both requirements of industry as customer and ...

Development of a tongue machine interface for quadriplegic patients

Velásquez-López, Alejandro; Velásquez-Rendón, David; Amaya-Quiroz, Juan Sebastian; Jimenez-Franco, Luis David; Trefftz, Helmuth // 2017
This article presents the development and validation of a wheelchair mobility solution. The solution is based on a Tongue Machine Interface (TMI) involving the use of Force Sensing Resistors (FSRs). ...

Empirical study of ill-supported activities in variation risk identification and assessment in early stage product development

Bjarklev, Kristian; Mortensen, Niels Henrik; Ebro, Martin // 2017
The purpose of this paper is to present findings from an industrial case study about the support of activities related to identifying and assessing variation-related issues in the design during the ...

Experimental and simulative assessment of crashworthiness of mechanically aged short-fibre reinforced thermoplastics

Witzgall, Christian; Wartzack, Sandro // 2017
Short-fibre reinforced thermoplastics (SFRT) are increasingly used in 21st century’s automotive construction. Besides statically loaded parts, SFRT are also used for safety-relevant components such ...

Exploitation of micro-learning for generating personalized learning paths

Rusak, Zoltan // 2017
Personalization of learning experience in engineering courses is a key to successfully engage students in any type of learning activity. Personalization is needed to achieve optimal learning ...


Barrie, Jeff // 2017
Makerspaces or Hackerspaces are initiatives designed to bring together like-minded individuals, integrating with the wider community and across disciplines within educational establishments. ...

Framework of mechanical design knowledge representations for avoiding patent infringement

Jiang, Pingfei; Atherton, Mark; Harrison, David; Malizia, Alessio // 2017
Nowadays companies strive to stay competitive in the market by introducing innovative products and protecting their Intellectual Property by filing patents. However, with an increasing number of ...

Generic approach to plausibility checks for structural mechanics with deep learning

Spruegel, Tobias; Schröppel, Tina; Wartzack, Sandro // 2017
The simulation of product behavior is a vital part in virtual product development, but currently there is no tool or method available that can examine the quality of FE simulations and decide ...

Holistic approach for design and re-design of production units

Stäbler, Markus; Weber, Jakob; Paetzold, Kristin; Vielhaber, Michael // 2017
This paper presents a novel approach to enable change within the life cycle of a production unit and enhance the usability of a re-design and change process by consistent interaction between the ...

Identifying product development crises: The potential of adaptive heuristics

Muenzberg, Christopher; Stingl, Verena; Geraldi, Joana; Oehmen, Josef // 2017
This paper introduces adaptive heuristics as a tool to identify crises in design projects and highlights potential applications of these heuristics as decision support tool for crisis identification. ...

Improved codification and transfer of engineering knowledge through human intermediaries

Ruck, Tobias; Albers, Albert; Reiß, Nicolas // 2017
In multi-domain product development and companies with a high division of expertise, there is a permanent need to transfer expert knowledge to mechanical designers. Especially in large distributed ...

Integrated modeling of behavior and reliability in system development

Hentze, Julian; Kaul, Thorben; Graessler, Iris; Sextro, Walter // 2017
The integrated modeling of behavior and reliability in system development delivers a model-based approach for reliability investigation by taking into account the dynamic system behavior as well as ...

Integrated structure-control design optimization of an unmanned quadrotor helicopter (UGH) for object grasping and manipulation

Mohebbi, Abolfazl; Gallacher, Colin; Harrison, James; Willes, John; Achiche, Sofiane // 2017
In this study, the problem of integrated system-level design optimization for a quadrotor equipped with a robotic arm and gripper is addressed and thoroughly discussed. First, the operational ...


Lai, Yoke-Chin // 2017
Augmented Reality (AR) has become a popular tool in education at all levels, ranging from the primary to the tertiary ones. Many AR tools seem to have been developed with the intention to facilitate ...

Is this system eco-innovative? A case-based workshop

Vallet, Flore; Tyl, Benjamin; Pialot, Olivier; Millet, Dominique // 2017
Eco-innovation is a challenging topic for companies that are expected to promote the design of products and services for a sustainable society. Early phases of eco-innovation processes and more ...

Kansei modeling methodology for multisensory UX design

Yanagisawa, Hideyoshi; Miyazaki, Chihiro; Bouchard, Carole // 2017
Through a time-series of user experience(UX), multiple senses, such as vision, hearing, and touch, interact with a product. Cross-modal studies have shown that multiple senses interact each other and ...

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