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Lessons Learned and Future Challenges for Design Observatory Research

Törlind, Peter; Sonalkar, Neeraj; Bergström, Mattias; Blanco, Eric; Hicks, Ben; McAlpine, Hamish // 2009
Video observation has been used for ethnographic studies for decades and is becoming more popular in engineering design research. This paper presents some of the lessons learned of using design ...

Mechanisms of Model Change in Optimization and Inventive Problem Solving Methods

Rasovska, Ivana; Dubois, Sebastien; De Guio, Roland // 2009
Two problem solving techniques can be used to solve inventive problems: optimization methods and inventive methods. Looking for a solution could be described as browsing a knowledge space. This ...

Mechatronic Design – Historical Background and Challenges for the Future

Moehringer, Stefan // 2009
The cross-linking of mechanical components by means of electronics and information technology goes unstoppably forward. New functions, more safety and comfort - mechatronics opens success potentials. ...

Modeling and Analyzing Fault-Tolerant Mechatronic Systems

Deyter, Sebastian; Gausemeier, Jürgen; Kaiser, Lydia; Pöschl, Martin // 2009
The increasing functional integration of mechanical and electronic components in mechatronic systems leads to numerous interdependencies. Not recognized in time, they often cause problems regarding ...

Multi-Domain Product Modeling: From Requirements to CAD and Simulation Tools

Frey, Estelle; Ostrosi, Egon; Roucoules, Lionel; Gomes, Samuel // 2009
Today, in a very competitive industrial context, different companies have difficulties to respect delays in design and manufacturing of multi-domain product. These difficulties are most of time due ...

Optimization in Mechanical Products Design: Use of a Coupling between Algorithms and Finite Elements Calculations for the Design of a Vehicle Frame

Varret, Antoine; Abboudi, Said; Gomes, Samuel; Serrafero, Patrick // 2009
In a traditional design, the steps are the development of a solution, followed by the design and industrialization. Finite element calculations solvers are used most often as a means of validation of ...

Process Based Uncertainty Analysis – an Approach to Analyze Uncertainties Using a Process Model

Kloberdanz, Hermann; Engelhardt, Roland; Mathias, Johannes; Birkhofer, Herbert // 2009
Uncertainties in technical systems in the field of mechanical engineering occur in all processes throughout the entire life cycle of a product. In general these uncertainties are understood as ...

Product Family Deployment Strategies under Different Types of Product Variety Design Circumstances

Fujita, Kikuo; Akai, Ryota; Amaya, Hirofumi // 2009
As product variety design has become an effective framework for mass customization, product platform and family design has been intensively studied in the last two decades. While their focuses have ...

Projects into industry - taking academic ideas on parametric modelling to industry

Dowlen, Chris // 2009
This describes two instances where parametric CAD modelling has been used to good effect in industrial-based projects, reducing significantly the time taken in the design stage as a result. The ...

Realization of Modern Educational Concepts in Engineering Design

Meerkamm, Harald; Stockinger, Andreas; Tremmel, Stephan; Wartzack, Sandro // 2009
This paper gives an overview of engineering design education at University .... Due to the transformation of the traditional German degree programs to an educational system based on two cycles ...

Sketching to solid modelling skills for mechanical engineers

Robb, David A.; Flora, Harminder; Childs, Peter R. N. // 2009
Hand sketching skills remain an important part of aiding discussions in meetings and are, for example, an essential asset for brainstorming and other ideation activities. The tendency for novice ...

Studies on a Novel Compliant Deployable Mechanism

Jhawar,Neeraj; Ranganath.R; Manna,Alakesh // 2009
This paper investigates the deployment of stacks of three legged single degree of freedom parallel deployable mechanisms. All the revolute joints in the stacks are replaced with single axis exural ...

The Potential of Creativity Metrics for Mechanical Engineering Concept Design

Oman, Sarah; Tumer, Irem Y. // 2009
This paper endeavors to describe how creativity factors into engineering demand for creative products in all domains has increased dramatically in the last decade, warranting the need for a method to ...

The Trojan Horse Method as a Vector of Ecodesign Integration: A Case Study at a French SME

Reyes, Tatiana; Rohmer, Serge // 2009
The research presented in this paper focuses on integrating environmental awareness into the design processes at SMEs. The results of a pilot survey carried out on some pioneer French companies show ...

The Use of Open Briefs in Design Skills Development

Collins, Annick // 2009
To succeed in today's rapidly evolving industry, the designer has to be versatile, explore, discover and implement in the interest of the client. How can the nature of the design industry ...

Tolerance Analysis of Mechanisms Taking into Account Joints with Clearance and Elastic Deformations

Stuppy, Julia; Meerkamm, Harald // 2009
Geometrical deviations can influence the functionality of technical systems in motion. Geometrical deviations due to manufacturing discrepancies are limited by tolerances which are defined during the ...

Transfer of Service Knowledge: A Case from the Oil Industry

Ahmed,Saeema; Vianello,Giovanna // 2009
The general trend in engineering design is to consider issues related to the product lifecycle during the design of a product. Hence, the capture of knowledge arising during the operation phase ...

Uncertainty-Mode- and Effects-Analysis – an Approach to Analyze and Estimate Uncertainty in the Product Life Cycle

Engelhardt, Roland; Birkhofer, Herbert; Kloberdanz, Hermann; Mathias, Johannes // 2009
Uncertainties in technical systems in the field of mechanical engineering occur during the entire life cycle of a product. In general these uncertainties are understood as deviations from the process ...

Using audio technology for student feedback

Trimingham, Rhodes // 2009
This paper explores of the use of audio within emerging technologies to support enhanced learning, assessment and feedback for Industrial and Product Design students. The methods used, and outcomes ...

Virtual Dimensional Product Validation by Integration of Simulations

Stockinger, Andreas; Meerkamm, Harald // 2009
The process of virtual validation of product function has an important role in product development. It enables the product developer to design products taking different aspects like Design to Quality ...

A close look on product flexibility

Bischof, A.; Müller, P.; Blessing, L. // 2008


Gericke, K.; Schmidt-Kretschmer, M.; Blessing, L. // 2008
A multitude of projects fail the forecasts regarding costs, duration and customer requirements. Following the problem of deviations will be addressed with the focus on SMEs in the domain of ...


Wittmann, S.; Stockinger, A.; Stoll, T.; Paetzold, K. // 2008
Incomplete or wrong definition of tolerances can cause aesthetic and functional problems. In a virtual environment the visual representation is not precise enough to reveal small deviations. ...


Andersson, P.; Wolgast, A.; Isaksson, O. // 2008
To a large extent, experiences gained during manufacturing, does not appear to have enough impact on new generation products in manufacturing industry. The inherent difficulties may be explained by ...

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