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Bottom Structure For DutchEVO Car: Formulation Of The Problem And The Adjustment Of The Optimization System

Ermolaeva, N. S.; Kaveline, K. G.; Spoormaker, J. L. // 2002
The optimization problem of the DutchEVO car bottom structure was formulated with respect to the minimum mass under the constraints revealed from bending load case. The Multipoint Approximation ...

Computer Aided Design of Feed Drives for CNC Machine Tools

Pandilov, Z.; Dukovski, V. // 2002
Generally feed drives for CNC machine tools have a very simple kinematic structure. But the optimal feed drives design is a problem which consists of an appropriate selection of AC or DC ...

Design and Mechanical Engineering: How Good is the Link?

Bereznitski, A. // 2002
Design of modern products, which have to be competitive in the market, is a great challenge. The time period between the market demands a new product and this product should appear in the shop is ...

Designing and Discrete Production of Office Furniture in CIM Systems

Smardzewski, J.; Dziegielewski, S.; Gawronski, T. // 2002
The objective of the research project was to develop an integrated model of parametric application operating in the environment of Mechanical Desktop® with an MRP (Material Resource Planning) class ...

Designing Design

Duffy, A.H.B. // 2002

E-map. Investigating Methods for Mapping Experiences

Grundy, C.; Crossley, L. // 2002
In spring 2001 an investigation was conducted at the University of Westminster intended to analyse personal experiences of the London Underground as a review of current techniques for recording and ...

Expert Procedures Implementation in Software Catalogues

Baragetti, S.; Rovida, E. // 2002
The development of expert systems, implemented in software catalogues, was taken into consideration in this paper. The need of simplifying the choice process requires the assessment of simple rules ...

Four-Bar Linkage Design Using Global Optimization Approach

Krašna, S.; Ciglaric, I.; Prebil, I. // 2002
The paper discusses optimal synthesis of the four-bar mechanism. The general optimization problem is addressed in the form of nonlinear programming problem. The objective of this approach is to ...

Informal Information in Engineering Design - a Classification

Culley, S. J.; Allen, R. D.; Hicks, B. J. // 2002
To achieve success companies must minimise time to market and possess the ability to make fully informed decisions at the early phase of the design process. Such decisions may include the choice of ...

Information Management for Multi-Technology Products

Svensson, D.; Crnkovic, I. // 2002
Software (SW) is an increasingly important part of many types of products. Companies designing and producing mechanical and hardware products have problems integrating the mechanics and hardware ...

Interdisciplinary Methods and Tools for the Design of Mechatronic Products

Kleiner, S.; Anderl, R. // 2002
The mechanical engineering scene has increasingly incorporated electrics and electronics for the control of mechanical systems. With the growing importance of design automation and an increasing need ...

Mathematical Models for Determination of the Values of External Dynamic Inertia Moments of Driver's Hand while Operating a Vehicle

Dacic, S.; Filipovic, I.; Milcic, D. // 2002
This paper presents a mathematical model for determination of values of external dynamic moments of inertia of driver’s arm motions during driving, having been reduced onto the axes of a coordinate ...

Methodical Framework and Examplesof an Environmental Innovative Product Development

Rosemann, B.; Meerkamm, H. // 2002
Innovative products are the base capacity for industrial manufacturers and traders to compete in fast changing markets and are consequently the foundation of our social welfare. In opposition to ...

New Surface Fitting Approach in Reverse Engineering of Sheet Metal Parts

Campana, F.; Gerbino, S.; Renno, F. // 2002
The paper is focused on surface reconstruction techniques, developed to enhance the capability of a measurement system set up for analysing sheet-metal parts.
It presents an alternative technique to ...

Numerical Approach for Fatigue Initiation Service Life of Mechanical Elements

Šraml, M.; Potrč, I.; Flašker, J. // 2002
The numerical model for analysing damage due to contact fatigue of mechanical elements is presented in this paper. Mechanical behaviour of various machine elements depends upon interacting influences ...

Numerical Simulation of Micro-Pitting on Gears

Fajdiga, G.; Flašker, J.; Glodež, S. // 2002
A two-dimensional computational model for simulation of surface pitting of mechanical elements subjected to contact loading conditions is presented. In the model it is assumed the initial crack of ...

On a Hip Joint Simulator Electric Actuators Integrated Design and Optimization

Pellicciari, M.; Barbanti, G.; Andrisano, A.O. // 2002
The multidisciplinary implications occurred in the integrated design and development of the motorization for a novel multi axis hip joint simulator using 3D parametric CAD system integrated with ...

On Formulas and Methods for Expressing the Attitude of a Rigid Body

Pezzuti, E.; Valentini, P. P. // 2002
In many fields of mechanics there is the need of expressing the attitude of a rigid body. This paper, summarizes and compares different approaches for such purpose. In particular, the following ...

Prediction of 3-D Crack Growth in Thin Rim-Gears

Kramberger, J.; Potrc, I.; Flašker, J. // 2002
Thin-rim gears with an initial crack in the tooth root, caused by various reasons, are dealt with in this paper. By standard procedures, it is impossible to gain a very good insight into the ...

Quality Improvement in the Design of Mechanical Systems

Fargnoli, M.; Pighini, U. // 2002
Quality in product development moved gradually from the end of a product’s development process to its beginning, thus involving quickly and totally all its phases and pointed out the great liability ...

Synthesis and Analysis Steps According Product Precision in Early and Later Development Stages

Koch, M.; Hochmuth, R.; Meerkamm, H. // 2002
The Precision of Technical Systems can be divided into the term Accuracy in early stages and Tolerances in later stages of design. In the early design stage, the requirements acc. the precision of ...

The Artificial Intelligence Application to the Analysis of the Constructive and Working Parameters of Plane Mechanism

Sprecic, Denijal; Muftic, Osman; Janežic, Igor; Mujic, Elvedin // 2002
A computer based analysis method of a plane lever mechanism is described in this paper. Software, based upon conventional methods of analysing plane lever mechanisms, is developed for a concrete ...

The Evaluation of Costs Related to Safety of Mechanical Systems in Design Stages

Fargnoli, M.; Pighini, U. // 2002
Cost is a factor having a great influence on the properties of any Mechanical System, limiting in a significant way designers’ and manufacturers’ choices, who are always limited in their choices. It ...

The Impact of CAD Technologies on Engineer's Education

Galeta, T.; Kljajin, M.; Majdandžic, N. // 2002
Main goal in an education of mechanical engineer is to deliver ready master to enterprises, prepared to deal with increased use of computer technologies. One of very basic technology that engineer ...

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