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CAD Teams Performance Empowerment and Evaluation by Using E-Learning Tools

Bodein, Yannick; Rose, Bertrand; Caillaud, Emmanuel // 2009
3D CAD systems are used in practical product design to realize simultaneous engineering and also to improve productivity. It is today acknowledged that CAD tools can highly increase design ...

Case Study: Application of Team-Based Learning to a Mechanical Engineering Design Course Traditionally Taught in Lecture Format

van der Loos, Hendrik F. Machiel; Ostafichuk, Peter M. // 2009
The teaching of a third-year university course in design elements - e.g., gears, belts, bolts, bearings - has traditionally been taught in lecture format. In response to student feedback from the ...

Cataloguing and Selection of Displacement-amplifying Compliant Mechanisms

Jhawar,Neeraj; Ananthasuresh,G. K. // 2009
Selection from among competing alternatives is pursued in this work for a rapidly growing class of compliant mechanisms. By using the framework of storage and retrieval of a database, we present a ...

Contact and Channel Modeling to Support Early Design of Technical Systems

Albers, Albert; Braun, Andreas; Clarkson, P. John; Enkler, Hans-Georg; Wynn, David C. // 2009
The early design of mechanical systems is critical because it constrains options later in the design process. In this early stage of the design process, designers must consider customer requirements, ...

Decision Support for the Selection of Anti-Counterfeiting Measures Based on Modeling Damage Avoiding Functions

Petermann, Markus Alexander; Meiwald, Thomas; Lindemann, Udo // 2009
Manufacturers are confronted with a rising number of counterfeits and imitations of their original products, causing both financial and brand damages most of them are not willing to accept. There are ...

Design at a Distance

Holden, Georgina // 2009
The Open University has been teaching design at a distance for three decades. In this time delivery mechanisms have changed from non-interactive broadcasts to interactive media. A new generation of ...

Design for Reconfigurability: Achieving Flexibility in Light Machines

Mullineux, Glen; Matthews, Jason; Medland, Tony // 2009
Design for Reconfigurability is emerging as another important methodology of the "design for X". The important ideas behind the approach are discussed and their application is considered to ...

Developing IDPEO - a Multidisciplinary Approach to Product Realization

Wiktorsson, Magnus; Wikström, Anders; Jackson, Mats; Ekman, Sten // 2009
On the background of a changing industrial landscape and key elements of the realization of complex integrated products, this paper discuss and explore an "innovative" approach towards ...

Development of a Certification Process for Microenergy Systems

Kebir, Noara Zohra // 2009
Actually more than 1.6 billion people lack access to electricity and 2.4 billion rely on traditional biomass for cooking and heating. Most of those households and small enterprises are helping ...

Development of Mathematical Models for Secure Collaboration in Product Lifecycle Management

Liu, Wei; Wang, Min; Zhang, Da Yong; Zeng, Yong // 2009
This paper formalizes product lifecycle management (PLM) based on axiomatic theory of design modeling. Collaboration and secure collaboration issues in PLM are of major concern. Mathematical models ...

Domain-Spanning Design Tools for Heterogeneous Systems

Brix, Torsten; Reeßing, Michael // 2009
In the past it was often adequate to assemble an overall system from separately developed and optimized parts. However, recent developments in engineering show the need to integrate mechanical, ...

Education of NPD in Virtual Multi-X Environments

c.Vukašinovi,Nikola; Fain,Nuša; Žavbi,Roman; Duhovnik,Jože // 2009
Cost competitiveness, energy price, geographic dispersion of human, knowledge and material resources are forcing companies to outsource and spread the tasks among companies and partners all around ...

Failure - Prediction Competitions to Develop Structural Design Skills

Field, Bruce William // 2009
At some stage in their education, a mechanical engineer learns how to analyze a range of structural elements, such as beams, columns, shafts, welded and pinned joints. Separately, they learn how to ...

Function-Based Solution Retrieval and Semantic Search in Mechanical Engineering

Gaag, Andreas; Kohn, Andreas; Lindemann, Udo // 2009
Providing relevant information at the right time to the right person is a key-factor for successful products and for efficient processes in mechanical engineering. To support the information chain in ...

General Systems Theory Based Integral Design Method

Zeiler, Wim; Savanovic, Perica // 2009
The paper provides insight in a specific design model, Integral Design, derived from the design model Methodical Design developed at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, in the early seventies ...

Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education (GEARE) - A Comprehensive Study & Intern Abroad Program for Engineering Students

Albers, Albert; Burkardt, Norbert; Becke, Claudia // 2009
GEARE offers the possibility of internationalization for universities and students for undergraduate and for graduate students in mechanical engineering. Five distinguished universities all over the ...

How Engineers Synthesize Multiple State Mechanical Devices: An Observational Study

Todeti, Rao Somasekhara; Chakrabarti,Amaresh // 2009
Automated synthesis of mechanical designs is an important step towards the development of an intelligent CAD system. Research into methods for supporting conceptual design using automated synthesis ...

How to Generate Design Rules for Cost-Efficient Design of Mechatronic Products

Braun, Stefanie Constanze; Lindemann, Udo // 2009
The contribution in hand starts with the description of the special requirements of cost-efficient design of mechatronic products. Thereby the formulation of a generic "design to cost" ...

Integrated Product and Process Development Based on Robust Design Methodology

Mathias, Johannes; Kloberdanz, Hermann; Engelhardt, Roland; Birkhofer, Herbert // 2009
This approach shows a methodology which allows to systematically integrate the existing models and methods of Robust Design into the development of a product and its life cycle processes. To this ...

Integrative Engineering Design using Product Data Management Systems in Education

Gerhard, Detlef; Grafinger, Manfred // 2009
Today's students get a fairly good education in engineering methods such as Computer Aided Design IK(CAD) or Finite Element (FE) based analysis and simulation tools. All these methods are ...

Knowledge Transfer between Service and Design Phases in the Oil Industry

Vianello, Giovanna; Ahmed, Saeema // 2009
The communication between a company's departments involved in the different phases of product lifecycle is crucial in order to correct faults from previous products. This paper illustrates a ...

Lessons Learned and Future Challenges for Design Observatory Research

Törlind, Peter; Sonalkar, Neeraj; Bergström, Mattias; Blanco, Eric; Hicks, Ben; McAlpine, Hamish // 2009
Video observation has been used for ethnographic studies for decades and is becoming more popular in engineering design research. This paper presents some of the lessons learned of using design ...

Mechanisms of Model Change in Optimization and Inventive Problem Solving Methods

Rasovska, Ivana; Dubois, Sebastien; De Guio, Roland // 2009
Two problem solving techniques can be used to solve inventive problems: optimization methods and inventive methods. Looking for a solution could be described as browsing a knowledge space. This ...

Mechatronic Design – Historical Background and Challenges for the Future

Moehringer, Stefan // 2009
The cross-linking of mechanical components by means of electronics and information technology goes unstoppably forward. New functions, more safety and comfort - mechatronics opens success potentials. ...

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