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A classification system for secondary design features for the use within sheet-bulk metal forming

Breitsprecher, Thilo; Wartzack, Sandro // 2013
Estimating the potential of new emerging manufacturing technologies for the area of engineering design is crucial for the establishment of these processes in the industry sector. An example for such ...

A contribution to advanced knowledge-based design in the development of complex mechanical products

Stadler, Severin; Hirz, Mario // 2013
Management of product complexity under consideration of parallel performed working tasks in virtual development establishes as an important challenge that has to be considered to ensure efficient ...

A method for capturing and translating qualitative user experience into design specifications: the haptic feedback of appliance interfaces

Graziosi, Serena; Ferrise, Francesco; Bordegoni, Monica; Ozbey, Ozan // 2013
The paper describes a methodological approach specifically developed to capture and transform the qualitative User Experience (UX) of a consumer product into quantitative technical specifications. ...

A metric to evaluate data maturity to help decision making: Application in preliminary collaborative design of mechanical systems.

Drémont, Nicolas; Troussier, Nadège; Whitfield, Ian; Duffy, Alex // 2013
The design process is complex and dynamic due in part to the volume of handled data and models, the number of exchanges between the different design teams and businesses interacting during the. The ...

A multi-agent based framework for multi-disciplinary conceptual design synthesis

Chen, Yong; Liu, Zelin; Huang, Jian; Zhang, Zhinan // 2013
It is encouraged that designers should explore in wide multi-disciplinary solution spaces for finding novel and promising principle solutions to desired functions during conceptual design. However, ...

A student’s interdisciplinary product development project in engineering design education

Haack, Carsten; Lüthi, Ernst; Janssen, Volker // 2013
Within the bachelor education for different engineering programs a basic interdisciplinary product development project is the fundamental part of a three-level project-based education plan at Lucerne ...

A system-level thermal design specification development of electronic products considering software changes

Muraoka, Yoshio; Seki, Kenichi; Nishimura, Hidekazu // 2013
Realizing the market demand for small size and fast processing speeds, thermal design is one of the major challenges in the development of electronic products. In addition, there are many software ...

A training strategy for managing distributed conceptual design work

Wodehouse, Andrew J.; Farrugia, Philip J.; Grierson, Hilary J.; Borg, Jonathan C. // 2013
This paper reviews how sketching can support distributed student design teams in the early phases of concept design. When working in the limited communication channels of distributed teams, sketches ...

An approach for cycle-robust platform design

Bauer, Wolfgang; Elezi, Fatos; Maurer, Maik // 2013
Product platforms are frequently applied in industry for designing product families. The product platform builds the basis for the derivation of the offered variants. As the platforms are ...

An approach to generate flexibility in engineering design of sustainable waste-to-energy systems

Hu, Junfei; Cardin, Michel-Alexandre; Poh, Kim-Leng; Chia, Eng Seng // 2013
Designing an engineering system that is sustainable both environmentally and economically is a challenging and emergent task. This paper considers embedding flexibility into the engineering design of ...

An assessment of methodical approaches to support the development of modular product families

Krause, Dieter; Ripperda, Sebastian // 2013
Global competition and the trend to individualized products force companies to lower their internal variety, which can be achieved through modular product structures. The literature comprises a wide ...

An empirical study on improving the understanding of email records by augmenting with information on context

Loftus, Craig; McMahon, Chris; Hicks, Ben // 2013
Email fulfils an important role in facilitating distributed communication in engineering design projects and contributes to the persistent records of the project, but the nature of email ...

An integrated approach for the teaching of mechanics and electronics in a design context

Bingham, Guy; Southee, Darren; Page, Tom // 2013
This paper examines the traditional engineering-based provision delivered to Product Design and Technology (BSc) undergraduates at the Loughborough Design School and questions it relevancy against ...

Analyse von Unsicherheitsverkn  (Members only )

Eifler, Tobias; Zier, Sebastian; Kloberdanz, Hermann // 2013

Analysing visual strategies of novice and experienced designers by eye tracking application

Lohmeyer, Quentin; Meboldt, Mirko; Matthiesen, Sven // 2013
In engineering design education several studies had been made to understand the differences between how novice and experienced designers approach design tasks. As a central finding it is described ...

Architecting systems for optimal lifetime adaptability

Engel, Avner; Reich, Yoram // 2013
System architecture decisions such as the assignment of components to modules can have a large impact on the system’s lifetime adaptability and cost. We broaden systems architecting theory by ...

“It’s part-time - but not as we know it!” - an evaluation of a flexible learning MEng

Humphries-Smith, Tania Maxine; Benjamin, Christopher // 2013
This paper reports on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the principles of delivery of a new flexible learning MEng (Hons) Engineering course at Bournemouth University (BU). The course was ...

Collaboration mechanisms for university-industry projects

Wodehouse, Andrew J.; Mendibil, Kepa // 2013
This paper outlines strategies for the effective implementation and support of university-industry projects. Sourcing projects from industry facilitates access to real-world problems, skill ...

Comparison of low- and high-fidelity approach in model based design in the case of a portable motion platform

Ellman, Asko Uolevi; Krus, Petter; Jouppila, Ville // 2013
In this paper a low- and high-fidelity modeling approach was applied and compared in the case of design of a portable motion platform. In the low-fidelity design approach, a Design Analysis Tool was ...

Concept for tolerance design in early design stages based on skeleton models

Ziegler, Philipp; Wartzack, Sandro // 2013
A noticeable trend in mechanical industry is that the product lifecycle and within the product development phase shortens. One consequence is the necessity to perform product-analyses already in ...

Concept of product development simulator for an excavator using a haptic device

Eldirdiry, Omer; Ellman, Asko Uolevi // 2013
The significance of Virtual reality (VR) tools lies on its capability to simulate physical presence. Dealing with 3D model in VR Systems is less expensive, less dangerous and easier to make ...

Cooperation-focused education in mechatronic engineering design projects

Schmidt, Sebastian; Lohmeyer, Quentin; Krebs, Stefan; Hohmann, Sören; Matthiesen, Sven // 2013
Mechatronic engineers are essential joints within modern product development processes. They closely interact with the classical domains of mechanical, electrical and software engineering in order to ...

Design for functional requirements enabled by a mechanism and machine element taxonomy

Lee, Szu-Hung; Jiang, Pingfei; Childs, Peter RN // 2013
A process providing an option for engineers and designers to separate the consideration of functional requirements and movement requirements to encourage diverse thinking has been developed and ...

Design learning through iterative folding of non-paper materials

Morgan, David // 2013
Iterative folding is a robust and productive way to explore product form and motion behaviour requiring few tools. Paper folding has been recognized and studied as a design method conducive to form ...

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